Menu a la carte


FOR A PLEASENT START (Hors-d’oeuvre)

Purée beans with diced trout in "cooking oil" € 10.00

Lukewarm flan with leeks and potatoes (Patata bianca di Oreno) with cream of cheese € 9.00

Selection of local cured meats served with Russian salad € 10.00

Onion (Cipolla bionda di Cureggio e Fontaneto) with "bagna càuda" and croutons € 9.00

“Nervetti” and cannellini beans salad with hot potatoes cream € 8.00

Polenta layers with blue-cheese and pears marmalade € 9.00

WHAT'S COOKING ? (First course)

Crunchy rice layers with fresh "pasta di salame" ragout € 16.00
Buon Ricordo Dish

Risotto with pumpkin (Zucca Bertagnina De.Co) and cream of soft and fresh cheese (Stracchino) (minimum for 2 persons) € 13.00

“Riso al salto” from the Milan tradition € 12.00

Home-made potato dumplings (Patata bianca di Oreno) with fresh cheese fondue from Valsassina Valley and minced rosemary € 12.00 

Home-made tagliatelle with candied onion and eggs of fresh-water fish € 12.00

FROM FRESH WATER … (Second course)

Escalopes of  stewed salt cod with onion and tomato, served with polenta € 13.00

Lavaret from the Como Lake with herbs € 12.00
(Lavaret is a fresh water fish, white fish)

Grilled Missultitt served with polenta € 13.00
(Missultitt is a fresh water fish, dried twite shad)

… TO THE GREEN PASTURES (Second course)

Grilled "Luganega monzese" (typical Lombard sausage) served with stewed leaf cabbage € 13.00

"Mondeghili: meat rissole" with fluffy mashed potatoes (Patata bianca di Oreno) € 12.00

Snails cooked with olive oil, parsley and garlic, served with wholemeal polenta € 13.00

Braised pork cheek with Barbera red wine and fluffy mashed potatoes (Patata bianca di Oreno) € 13.00

Stewed deer bites with mushrooms served with wholemeal polenta € 14.00

Classic sliced beef with organic Radicchio from Cascina Rampina farm € 14.00

For technical processing need and for the best healthiness of the product,
some preparation of food have been subjected to rapid freezing by blast chiller.


Coffee crème brûlée with persimmons wafer

Chestnuts iced soufflé, with persimmon sauce and buckwheat crumble

Little meringue cake with pure chocolate sauce

Thinly sliced pineapple with lemon wafer

Crispy wafer with fruit sorbets

Cake "La Piana": the pie of the day

Hot chocolate flan with its sauce

Soft custard au gratin with chestnuts crumbs and chocolate heart

€ 7.00 to portion

A little advice … Dessert Wines by the glass

Malvasia di Candia pass.  igt '15 - Vit. A. Panigada  4.00 €

"Passione Rossa" Buttafuoco chinato - Vit. F. Pellegrini 3.50 €

Südtirol Moscato Rosa "Volentin" doc '13 - Cant. Tramin 4.00 €



Tasting Menu


Cheese Selection


THE CHEESE TO TASTE (Selection of cheeses)

Great selection of cheeses “La Piana” (cow’s and goat’s cheeses) 
with fruits and vegetables preserves € 15.00

Composition of cow’s cheeses € 12.00

Selection of goat's cheeses € 13.00

Taste of “stracchini” from Valsassina valley € 10.00

Historic “Ribelle” Defense Slow Food € 16.00
(Orta Soliva ’15 – Orta Soliva ’14 – Ancogno Soliva ’08)

Gorgonzola (blue-cheese) natural with onion and orange marmalade € 8.00

Assortment of pecorini (ewe’s cheese) with honey and hazelnuts € 8.00

Taste of Parmigiano Reggiano 993 aging 13/ 24/ 30 months € 13.00 


Piatto del Buon Ricordo


Crunchy rice layers with fresh "PASTA di SALAME" RAGOUT


Our restaurant takes part in the Slow Food Chefs' Alliance
and participates to the

Pulses soup (Cicerchia di Serra de' Conti) and vegetables from Cascina Rampina farm with drops of extra-virgin olive oil Casaliva

For each "Alliance Dish" served,
we will donate 1 euro to the Slow Food projects.